IRADE structure is established on the management standards and software systems which start by gathering the services such as consultancy, management carried out in commercial enterprises by the founders of Anka Consultancy Group as of 1996 under ADG body in 2001 and which is developed since that date.

In the management consultancy sector, it has been observed that the package system element, which has been defined as best practive and has been insisted on, is not processed and the companies have lost its character, market and customers. IRADE has been organized by focusing on projecting and modeling its services by identifying that these package systems refrain the companies that may develop too much and the companies which cannot tolerate this turn into victim companies and are dispersed with serious damages.

After the works started with quality and standard systems, IRADE formed Turkey averages that take criteria such as sector, market and size of the companies as basis by adding the ability of analyzing main accumulation formed by completing hundreds of projects in the field of strategic planning, marketing, human resources, budget systems and etc as a whole and individually for each project with the software developed and archieved in a systematic order.

In this process, the commercial enterprises that are carried out in the project provided a laboratory environment for IRADE. Since 2013, a conceptual framework is formed for a new management service model and management consulting service standards which take the applicability as the basis by examining and reviewing the successful businesses and successful projects.

IRADE structuring has been transformed into a single center and a separate legal entity in order to present the archive system, software and algorithms developed during this period to the commercial enterprises for the projects.

IRADE which was founded in 2013, has established a research center in Eskişehir Osmangazi University Technopark. The works carried out by IRADE to integrate the systems and software developed under the management system are carried out from Teknopark.

As a subsidiary of ADG, IRADE operates within the policy document and declaration of intent.