IRADE starts work with projecting. The project developed according to the characteristics of the customer is based on the reconciliation of the project objectives and the compliance of the project results with the objectives.

The following process is carried out for projecting.


A customer presentation report which includes the existence reason, promise, sector, size, company history, declaration of IRADE, organization structure and peak manager information of the company requesting the service or company which the project shall be suggested. The following data sources are used in this report.

1. Open sources

  • Establishment documents (Establishment Law, Company’s Articles of Association)
  • Printed public documents (Web site, brochures, annual reports, strategic plans, etc.)

2. Interview data and secondary data of company

  • Non-confidential reports of the company (Balance sheet, income statement, production market and supply reports)
  • Executive pre-interview reports


It is defined under the main titles that shall form the problem and expectation of the company and the project design. In this context, the reason for the demand (Problem or a new movement will be initiated?  etc.), the scope, the expected benefits to be obtained at the end of the project, relevant units of the project; parties of contract, those transferring the request, interlocutors of the project, stage conformance between those affecting from the  results will be reported using the following data sources.

3. Interviews with the people who recommend IRADE to the company,

4. The data to be obtained by the semantic analysis of the interview documents of the persons interviewed on behalf of the institution (At this stage, the standard form cannot be used and speaking on behalf of the client cannot be forwarded, the statements will be transferred and analyzed without comment).



Before the settlement text is presented to the client, a project design is created in the light of the available data. This design is shown with a simple model if possible. The aim of the project and its objectives, scope, objectives and method are explained. A short project-investment table is prepared, which shows what kind of activities the customer will meet, what kind of costs and what kind of outputs and gains will be obtained. The project proposal which does not have an output or which does not have an unambiguous gain, cannot be prepared. The project design is prepared by benefitting from defining the customer and the proposal stages.


A memorandum of understanding showing the project objectives, outputs and practices that do not include financial offer, is prepared by taking the project design and project model as basis. If the main topics of the project proposal will be presented to the customer, the presentation is also prepared. All project drafts are firstly archived, recorded in databases and presented to the customer.


In the project submitted to the customer, justified changes requested by the customer are made. The justification for the revision request of the customer is written clearly. If this request states that the presented project is based on false information, amendments in articles 1 and 2 are made (generally no such revisions have been made). If a change is needed in the project design as a result of other revisions, the project design will be done again. If processes that the customer (if any) wishes to be excluded from the project and / or added do not conflict with the objectives, project design and IRADE service standards, the project revision is completed, the proposal is made and archives and databases are revised and submitted to the customer.


In case of acceptance of the proposal, the contract is prepared which describes all stages of the project in detail, and defines the processes and outputs, based on the reconciliation text and the proposal. Contract cannot be signed without being paraphed ADG legal consultant.


A project plan and a gantt chart are prepared for all activities described in the tender and contract, which are detailed according to the days and including the risk analysis of the activities. Projects are detailed in the form of weekly follow-up, control and reporting. In the project model, the first inputs of project exploration are determined in the project plan. The project plan enters into force upon agreement with the client. At this stage, all the tasks of IRADE units, customers and project partners are notified to the related parties. The project plan is treated as the sole component of the contract signed with the customer.


During the preparation process of the offer, İRADE defines the activities to be carried out by the external source / process and the form of the project partnership and determines the project partners. Following the contract signature and the project plan agreement with the client, contracts are signed with the project partners under contract and plan conditions.

In IRADE’s projects, there are;

  • Main politics and direction which shall penetrate to current status of the firm, the expectations of the company, the main reason for the existence of the company,
  • Standards and their control mechanisms in which the firm and the organization can supervise and that everyone can do the same job in the organization,

Standards: Peak management, family relations, organization, human resources, budget and other management standards.

  • It is provided that a mechanism is established which shall understand the market and customer and shall produce the customer’s desired product and service at a desired price.